Magnificent Parochet from ‘M-JUDAICA’.
Embroidery is done on the most advanced and accurate computerized equipment while maintaining quality and luxurious final look.
The parochet consists of three unique layers, German velvet and high quality applique, a special inner lining to prevent wrinkles and a thick outer lining.
With an accurate combination of original Swarovski crystal stones unmatched in beauty and design.
Our goal is to give glory and respect to the Hecgal and your synagogue.
Each Parochet can be ordered in any size and in a wide variety of colors to choose from.
Our team of graphic designers is at your disposal at all times to create a perfect personalized design that is specifically tailored to your Hechal.
Before each order you will receive a computerized sketch of your parochet.
Our price is starting at $ 500.
Contact us for details and your Parochet selection.

Starting At


dear customer, pleas note!

all our Designed parochot available also on this velvet colors bellow...

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